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Help your neighbors make an informed decision. Your opinion matters! Blue and Alder is a reliable and experienced interior renovation company. Our experience and services have helped us execute the desired results per our clients' expectations and area can listen, learn and ask questions about the king of instruments. "The juxtaposition of a more formal bedroom to the very modern bathroom is very unusual, but comes off very well. Maybe not most people's taste but the clients love it," Menn said. "Being able to create a very unusual space is every architect's, designer's and contractor's dream and we were able to fulfill that dream in this home." "JJ has added a sunroom, bathroom addition, remodeled our kitchen, added wood floors to our 1st floor and remodeled our 3 existing bathrooms. We have referred JJ to all of our friends and family and would highly recommend them to anyone considering a remodeling project. We consider them family now!" """""""


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