Super Mom: The Deception No One Talks About

It finally happened at the most inconvenient time. A time when my week was packed with endless activities and schedules that I and my family had to attend. What happened you ask? I got sick! Yes, me a mom of all people had finally succumbed to a mere mortal status. Oh the humanity! My kryptonite...The Flu (insert dramatic music). I am a wife and mother after all, this is not supposed to happen to me. Doesn't this pesky virus know what all I have going on this week!? Alas, it didn't care. It villainously took me down for a miserable two days where I was reduced to not being able to do anything.

Ideally, it sounds nice to not have to cook, clean and do other mom things for a day or two, but my mind wouldn't let me rest. Things had to be done my way or the world would stop spinning. I sulked at how my husband did not follow my morning routine. The sin of all sins is the get a tardy pass and walk the walk of shame down the hall to first grade. Who doesn't know this? My children may need therapy after this!

Super Mom. The invisible badge that many of us proudly wear on our chest as if it were a right of mom passage. It stands for busyness, multi-tasking, getting it done, and pushing through in-spite of. We take pride in caring for our families as we should, but at what cost? In the Garden of Eden, Eve had all that she could ever desire, but the serpent convinced her that contentment wasn't enough. He made her believe she wasn't enough, and that she needed to add more to be important.

That deception unfortunately still plagues many of us. We may falsely believe that resting in God's surplus somehow makes us lazy. We need to do more, be more, get more, and etc. Like you, I am well aware of Eve's mistake and the fact that I am enough in Christ. However, I tend to forget the facts when I am deep in the trenches of my life's reality. My family has constant needs, and as the backbone of this family, I jump in for the rescue every time. I hardly give a second thought to my need to be rescued from time to time.

What kind of mother needs a break? A lazy one according to unspoken societal rules. In the moments of extreme pressure to cave in to societal rules, I challenge you to remember who the actual Ruler of your life is. We are in this world, but we are not of this world.

Take off your cape mom, the real hero already came. He not only saved us, but He made us whole. True God given rest is a blessing, not a curse. Don't wait until your body physically can't go on, to take some time for yourself. Rest does not always mean isolation either. It may look like not going anywhere for the day, disconnecting from electronics and playing a board game with the family, a date night with your spouse, a girls day, or whatever God places in your heart. Take care of yourself, and recognize when it's time to rejuvenate in order to be the best version of you!

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