Confused? A Biblical Guide to Gaining Clarity

1 Corinthians 14:33 “ For God is not the author of confusion but of peace…”

Being confused is extremely frustrating. Confusion can lead to indecision, inaction, anger, doubt, and anxiety. No one likes operating in a fog, because you can’t see clearly see your way. Recently, I was conflicted on which direction I wanted to take with some ideas I had, and I kept going back and forth on what to do. Every time I thought I had a resolution, I ended up questioning my decision and starting over. I’d then end up in the same cycle of making a decision, doubting myself and starting over. I was so confused about which route to take, that an entire week passed and I hadn’t gotten anything productive done. Even though I had been asking God how to proceed, I was still trying to follow my own path. At my wits end, I finally quieted my mind and went to God in prayer, but this time without my own agenda.

You may be feeling confused right now, but I want to remind you God is not the author of confusion. Jesus came to destroy confusion, so we must put all of our trust in Christ during confusing times. Let's examine some causes for confusion and ways to gain biblical clarity.

Disobedience and Lack of Faith in God

Disobedience and not trusting God are two things often overlooked, but they can definitely lead to confusion.Here’s an example. God placed it on your heart that He wants you to move to a new city. When you first heard God’s voice on this, you were certain that’s what you needed to do. You begin making preparations to move and then you begin questioning how things are going to work out. You start asking others (who haven’t heard from God mind you) for their opinion on what you should do. Naturally, everyone has advice on what, when, where and how. Now you’re doubting if you actually heard God’s voice because based on stats and facts you don’t see how God will work this out. Now, you’re confused, you’re frustrated with your current situation and your direction is foggy. Does that sound about right?

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan according to Matthew 4:1-4. After fasting for forty days and forty nights, Satan came to Jesus and attempted to cause doubt and confusion about His identity starting with the question,” If you are the Son of God…” Jesus was able to resist the Devil because He knew without a doubt who He was, what His assignment was, and Who sent Him on His mission. Just like in the example above, there are times when God clearly gives us instructions on something we must do. Yet, we stall, question, try to figure it out, ask others what they think and so on. When we don’t move on what God clearly told us to do we are being disobedient. It shows that our faith is not in God, but in what we can or can’t see. When you begin to question or doubt what God told you to do, it leads to confusion because you’re trying to listen to your voice and God’s voice at the same time.

In the Garden of Eden God gave clear instruction on what tree He didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from. It was really simple to follow; so how did Eve end up falling into the serpent’s trap? He caused her to question what God clearly told them to do. (Read Genesis 3:1). Confusion is the breeding ground for fear. Even though God has given personal promises for our lives, Satan comes in and attempts to bring confusion, but you must stand firm on God’s word. Believe that God will provide for you just as He said. Look back on every time that God has provided and protected you. Why would this time be any different? It’s not your business how God will work it out, but know that He will. During confusing times, quiet your thoughts and ask God to strengthen you to do the things He wants you to do. You must Believe that God won’t set you up for failure.

Too much going on

I love ambitious people because their ambition is contagious. It sparks a fire inside and makes you want to go out and conquer the world! Sometimes, we get so excited about a dream or vision that we go full speed ahead. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you’re going so fast that you run ahead of God. Have you ever had so many thoughts and ideas running through your mind that you can’t write it all out fast enough? While there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious about going after your dream, you must be careful not to do too many things at once, as it too can lead to confusion.

I sat up late one night talking to my husband about all the things I was trying to do, but I was frustrated because it was all starting to get jumbled up together and my thoughts were all over the place. My husband’s response was simple; yet profound (that’s why I love talking to him). I remember being all flustered and indecisive trying to explain it all to him. Without blinking, he said you have too much going on. I tried explaining to him that I had a short window of time to get everything done and not to mention this is the will of God for my life so I must get it all done. Right? I started to think about it and realized how far off track I had gotten. Yes, God has purposed me to do many things, just not all at once. In my haste to get everything done, I had forgotten the ONE thing God told me to focus on in this season of my life. Immediately, I gained clarity, focus and direction. I was more productive, stress free and much happier.

We are multidimensional beings, so God has given us all different gifts and talents. The key is understanding when to use those things. What season of life are you in right now, and what does God want you to use? I”m not saying you’re restricted to doing one thing at a time, but I am saying that God will not give you more than you can handle. Some people can successfully handle singing, dancing and acting all at once, because God has equipped them to do so. Your gifts will make room for you, but if you find that you’re confused and going nowhere ask God what is it that He wants you to specifically focus on at this time. Ultimately, God will use everything He’s put inside of you to get the glory and there will be no confusion about it. When you are doing what He wants you to do at the proper time, you will gain clarity, focus and clear direction.


I mentioned earlier in this article, that confusion is a breeding ground for fear. It goes like this:

God: I will make a way.

Us: But what if you don’t.

God: I will never leave nor forsake you.

Us: Everyone else abandoned me. What if you do the same?

God: I equipped you to do this.

Us: Lord I’m scared I can’t do this!

Unfortunately, this is how our conversation goes with God sometimes. That is why I am so grateful that God loves me inspite of me because He knows how weak I am. Sometimes, I trust my heart instead of the Word and that always leads to failure, disappointment and confusion.

The Bible warns us to never trust in our own heart, instead we must trust in the Lord and in His Word. Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it?”

In some cases we know exactly what to do, but fear of the unknown keeps us from moving forward. So we go back and analyze the situation and try to figure out how to get through this thing without getting hurt. Our plan then begins to battle God’s plan; in other words our flesh is going against the spirit. Now you are going back and forth between your fear and your faith and it’s all so confusing. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. We must line up the truth of the Word of God with the lies Satan tells us and firmly believe God will do what He said He will do.

When you don’t understand it, go to Proverbs 3:5,” Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.”

When you doubt it, go to Luke 24:38,” And he said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?”

When you are fearful go to 2 Timothy 1:7,” For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

When you look at the media, you realize that the world is under confusion of the devil. Right is being called wrong, everyone lives according to their truth not God’s truth and lines are being blurred across the board. It’s all designed to keep us confused, but God never intended for us to live that way. I want you to stand firm on the truth, know who you are in Christ, be obedient to the call God has for you and stop living in fear. God has called you to be more than a conqueror; live no more in confusion.

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