I Hope This Makes You MAD!

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let me explain. I want to show you how to turn your pain, rejection and hurt into passion, purpose and progress. It is clearly etched into my memory the day I read a rejection letter from a job I had applied to. Having been laid off for over a year, trying to find my place in the working world, struggling with the thought of leaving my new baby at a daycare, I was finally at my wits end! “Enough of it all”, were my thoughts after reading this letter. This wasn’t the first rejection letter I had received, but something about this time stirred up passion in my soul like I never felt before. I sat and thought, why should someone have that much say so over my life? I decided from that day forward, that I would let God, not man, control my destiny.

Has God put a gift inside of you that you have yet to open? Have you been dreaming of doing something for years, but you’re too afraid to pursue it? Are you unfulfilled and miserable because you know you’re not doing what God has called you to? If so, then I want you to get mad! I’ve listed 3 ways on how your anger can help you live your God given purpose.

Move Beyond Motivation - I listen to motivational speakers all of the time. They get me all fired up and I feel as if I can conquer the world, but there’s only one problem. Motivation is short lived. I view motivation as food. Your meal for the day will only last so long before your body needs more and it’s the same with motivation. It will satisfy you for a while but you cannot rely on it to sustain you.

The Bible says that that man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord (Deuteronomy 8:2-3). While in the wilderness, the Israelites ate food, but they still died. Food didn’t sustain them. God had intended for their hunger to teach them about obedience to the Word of God. So it is with you. God wants us to be obedient and solely trust Him and the plan He has for us. He wants to use everything we go through to guide us towards our purpose, and sometimes that includes things that anger us. Motivation is great, but there’s something about getting downright mad that gets the ball rolling. It’s great to be motivated, but life isn’t made up of sugar, spice and everything nice. Sometimes it’s the ugly things that make the deepest impression. God made all of our emotions, and at times even our anger has a purpose. Pay attention, God may be using your anger to accomplish a greater purpose.

Let your experience lead to action - Everyone has a story to tell and that includes bad experiences. You can either let those angering experiences make you bitter, or you can use them as fuel. Do you know someone who has great potential, but they let life make them bitter? What a shame.I believe there’s a lesson in everything we go through. In my latest book ,No Makeup, I talk about how I use the awful things from my past to help people experience freedom. The anger, guilt and shame I once felt is now used for the purpose God has called me to. Are you allowing your emotions to spur you to action? Don’t keep your experiences to yourself. Use them to help someone and to bring glory to God.

Skillfully redirect your emotions - At the time of this blog, California is experiencing a devastating wildfire season. The out of control fires are bringing destruction and heartache to many people. Notice I used to words out of control. Fire, when not contained causes harm, but when contained in a fireplace can bring enjoyment. Anger, when not contained does the exact same thing. It can cause hurt, heartache and destruction. Are you to the point where you are angry with where you are in life? Are you fed up and tired of accepting just anything? If you’re at that point, then I’m glad. Not because I enjoy anyone experience those pain, but because this can be the turning point. Take your hurt and anger, and skillfully direct it towards that gift that’s deep within. Let it cause you to move with passion and intentionality in order to do what you are called to do. Purposely set out to make a difference and give it all you have. Live a life poured out for God so there’s nothing left when you take your last breath.

So go ahead and get MAD! Turn your madness into movement and your anger into action! Don’t let another year go by because there are people depending on your next move.

God Bless!

Tanspirational Takeaways - (Tangible-Inspiration) I don’t want to only inspire you, but I want to include tangible things you can apply

  • Set time aside time to pray even if it’s only 5 minutes. How can you know your purpose if you don’t pray?

  • Study your craft. If God called you to bake, then learn all you can about baking in order to give God your best.

  • When making changes in your life, keep a journal to track your progress. Looking back at where you began is always inspiring and you can learn a lot about yourself in the process.

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