The Mountaintop Deception

Whether we fulfill it or not, every human being is born with a purpose. Therefore, there is an internal longing to strive for something far greater than ourselves. The proverbial mountaintop represents the pinnacle of something we define as success. Having made it to the mountaintop is what we all long for in one way or the other. What each person defines as their mountaintop varies greatly. I believe that each of us should go for our mountaintops with everything we have in order to fulfill our God-ordained destiny. The issue here is there’s deception in the mountaintop experience. Satan, the antagonist, will always take what God meant for good and turn it into something completely opposite.

Today, I visited the beautiful McGovern Centennial Gardens with my son, and decided to walk up this 30-foot-tall Garden Mount. As I pushed my little one along in his stroller, I found myself anxious to get to the top of the mount. Yes, there’s a beautiful view of the entire landscape at the top, but other than a few stone benches, there’s nothing much to see. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I was in such a hurry to get to the top. Perhaps it was instinctive to strive for the top or to get the task done in a hurry. However, as I was racing along I heard God’s voice very clear. He said, “Don’t miss the beauty on the way to the top. Wow! I thought about how relevant those words were to my life. You see, the terrain in my life right now is mountainous because I feel as if each day is an uphill struggle. Some self inflicted and some a test of faith. How many times have we rushed to get to the top of the "mountain" only to realize that we missed the beauty in getting there? You're trying to launch your business, you're trying to get a promotion, you're trying to purchase a home, but you miss the adventure along the way.

So I asked, “Lord, what is the beauty that you want me to see in my current situation?” God’s answer to me was LIFE. Life is the beauty we must see as we climb towards our purpose. In other words, don’t miss the beauty of life, the simple things that God put here for us to enjoy. When was the last time you watched a sunrise, or listened to birds singing? Does your heart not fill with joy when you hear the innocent laughter of children? The enemy has many of us deceived into thinking that all of our hope, joy and fulfillment is in the mountaintop. While I’m all for getting to the top, today God reminded me that life isn't about how fast we can get there. If all of our hope is in reaching goals, then we will be disappointed. That's why some people could have accomplished everything they set out to do and are still depressed. Our fulfillment comes only from God; the purpose within keeps us going. No matter what you are facing, you must seek beauty in where you are.

On the way down, I was feeling pretty good about what God had just deposited in me, but there was more. While He didn’t want me to miss the view on the way to the top, He also didn’t want me to get distracted and complacent. As I mentioned earlier, we all have a purpose to fulfill. Yes, enjoy all the beauty life has to offer, but don’t stop and gaze for too long; else you risk paralysis. It all comes down to balance. Sometimes God says move and other times He says be still and know that I am God.

Where are you today? Are you struggling with balance? I want to encourage you to take time to listen for the voice of God by praying, meditating on His Word and spending time with Him. He will set the pace for your journey to the mountaintop.

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