Is Google Your God?

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What a time to be alive! In this age of technology, we have a plethora of information right at our finger tips. I remember actually having to search for information in real encyclopedias, books and maps. That seems like ages ago even though I'm only 21 *wink*. I LOVE Google and the instant access it provides. A quick search on a topic and I'm an "expert" in a matter of seconds. Ahhh, the convenience of quick and easy access.

The other day during my time with God, I had a question regarding a Bible verse I just read. Automatically, I reached for my handy dandy smart phone to look up the answer. Right as I reached for the phone, I clearly heard God say ,"Reach for the Bible and seek My Word alone." I honestly felt like I had no idea where to start! No bible commentary, no answers already in place. You mean I have to actually search the old fashion way? Lord, what if I can't find it! These were just a few things that went through my mind, but do you know what happened? I ended up having an amazing worship experience with God as a result of letting Him direct me. I found more than a quick answer; I experienced fellowship with my first love!

As convenient as technology is, I pose the question, "Is Google your God?" When you want to seek a solution to your marital problems, do you search Google or the Word? Do you search the internet or God? There's nothing wrong with Google and sometimes a quick answer is sufficient; however we must never forget to seek the one who holds all of the answers.

Searching for romantic meals or date night suggestions is fine, but marriage is composed of so much more. There are times where a quick search isn't sufficient enough. It's also dangerous to take advise from a stranger who can post anything online. Even if the source is reliable (such as myself, wink again), God may want you to go a different route. The Bible says that if we ask for wisdom, God will freely give it. I would also suggest not to count God out when searching for small things such as date night. God is the creator of marriage after all. Happy searching!

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