5 Workplace Actions That Can Help Your Marriage

I've never been the person to decorate my office like a cozy second home because I want to remember that I'm at work. I also don't mix business with pleasure however, there are some routine work behaviors that can actually help our marriage. Below is a list of five workplace behaviors we can apply to our relationships.

1. Performance Evaluations - Every year most companies have their employees do an evaluation in which their work performance is reviewed. You're rated on what you have done and new goals are set for the next year. At times we get set in routine and become lazy in marriage. What would happen if we took the time to evaluate our relationship and set new goals? Have an honest conversation with your spouse on how you both are doing.

2. Initiative - Going the extra mile and taking initiative is one of the things that can get you noticed at work. How much more should we take initiative and go the extra mile for the ones we love? Don't wait until the dishes pile up to the ceiling to chip in and help an overwhelmed spouse. Even if there's a chore you don't normally do, take the initiative and help it will definitely get you noticed.

3. Team Work - Nothing is more frustrating than working on a project with someone who is not a "team player". Projects go much smoother when you work together towards a common goal. This tip should be obvious, but it's so easy to get so caught up in your own world that you forget you're in a lifelong partnership. I know it's cliche' but teamwork really does make the dream work!

4. Promotion - One question some people consider when taking a job is if there's room for growth. Marriage is beautiful and if we are going to spend the rest of our lives together we should look for growth opportunities. As we grow older together, we look to become better together as a couple. What promotion opportunities do you have available in your relationship?

5. Impress Your Supervisor - This may not be a popular one, but as a Christian our supervisor is God. We work to impress God and not man. This couldn't be more true in our marriage. God placed you with your spouse, therefore He is head. Are you trying to impress Him on the "job"? How are you treating your spouse? If there's an issue, do you speak to your supervisor about it? When you treat your covenant with respect, God will bless it

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