The Path To Blessings

I have always admired the faith that Abraham displayed when God spoke His Word into his life. I love the humanity that we see in Abraham as he struggled through some things, but in the end had victory. Has God promised you something that you’re excited about, but you still have “human” moments? Below are my observation of 4 things that took place in Abraham’s journey as he prepared to receive God’s blessings.

1. Communication - In Genesis 17:1-16, God clearly laid out all He wanted to do in Abraham’s life. Look at everything Abraham would have missed had he been too distracted to take time to listen to the voice of God. Do you know what God wants to do in your life? If not, how much time are you spending talking to and listening to God? In a world FULL of distractions it’s easy for God’s voice to get drowned out, but it’s imperative not to let empty entertainment keep you from God. Recognize the trap of the enemy and resist his tactics. Abraham fell on his face as God spoke with him (Gen. 17:3). When we pray, we can’t always be the one talking, take time to listen. Ask God to speak to you in ways that you clearly understand and I guarantee He will.

2. You Must Change - The name Abraham means father of a multitude and the name Sarah means royal princess or queen. God was about to make Abraham exceedingly fruitful, and kings would come from both him and his wife. It’s important to note that at this time Abraham and Sarah hadn’t had Isaac yet, but His name said He would be the father of many nations. The Bible says to call those things which be not as though they were (Romans 4:17). Has God told you that you would be something that seems impossible right now? Has He told you you’re a lender, but you’re still saying you are broke? You must change your mindset and call yourself by the name the Lord gave you. No matter what it looks like, you are victorious, you are a conqueror, you are the head and not the tail! It’s not easy to call yourself a leader when you are staring at the same 4 gray walls of a cubicle, but you must believe God.

3. Be Obedient - Someone is Depending On You- God blessed Abraham because of his obedience, and as a result his wife Sarah and all of the servants in his home were blessed. Even Ishmael, the son Abraham had outside of God’s will was blessed. When you walk in your purpose and according to God’s will for your life, it’s not just for your benefit. Someone else is waiting for you, because they need just what you have. You may say, “Well I messed up, I jumped ahead of God and now I can’t serve. Don’t believe the lie from Satan. God is sovereign in that He can turn any situation around and work it in your favor. Not even you can mess it up.

4. You Must Choose Between Pain or Pleasure - Here’s the part where I may lose some people, but please hear me out. Often times, we hear the preacher shouting to the crowd, “Get Ready! God’s about to bless you!” The words ring out and cause contagious excitement. Everyone is ready to receive their promise, but the second things get hard or even painful we are ready to rebuke the enemy. What if it isn’t always the enemy? What if the very thing you are supposed to do requires a little (or a lot) of pain? There are times when the pain of getting to your promise seems so great that you are tempted to not do anything. Abraham had before him a promise of an amazing future, but he had to go through some literal pain in order to get to it. God told Abraham that he and all the males in his home had to be circumcised. The Bible says that same day Abraham circumcised every male in his home. We don’t have any indication that he had any hesitation. He was so focused on God’s Word, that he didn’t let pain stop him. What if God told you to cut something out of your life that would cause you pain. Would you still be obedient and take immediate action? Don’t let the illusion of pleasure and comfort cause you to lose focus and not take action. It is more painful to live a purposeless life.

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